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Exclusive Metal Roofers offers homeowners an attractive, long-lasting roofing solution that provides the ultimate protection against extreme weather while also boosting energy efficiency and improving curb appeal. Our residential metal roof products come in a wide variety of styles and color options that are sure to match your unique property.

The most common metal roofing choices include sheet, galvalume steel, and aluminum. Each style has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know what’s right for your home before you make your decision.

Sheet Roofing

The easiest and most economical option for metal roofing is sheet, or pre-formed panels. They can be painted in a variety of colors and are usually made of metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, or tin.

While sheet is the cheapest metal roof option, it’s not likely to last as long as other materials. It can be more difficult to install, and it may not provide as much durability.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Exclusive Metal Roofing: A Complete Breakdown

Aluminium panels are an excellent choice for a durable, energy efficient roof with a beautiful, natural-looking finish. They’re available in a variety of finishes, including smooth and pebble embossed, so you can create a roof that will complement your home’s design.

Copper Panels

For a more distinctive, elegant look, consider copper panels. This metal has a unique, vintage appeal that makes it an ideal accent for historic homes.

Barrel Tile Roofing

A barrel tile roof is one of the most distinct residential metal roofing styles on the market. It’s crafted to mimic the look of hand-split cedar shakes, but without the rot, cracking, or other problems that can compromise your roofing system.

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