pH-D suppositories contain the doctor recommended 600 mg of boric acid, the natural compound that can help to naturally eliminate vaginal odor. This is an important step in addressing this common and frustrating issue, as it helps to prevent the need for costly, time-consuming and often embarrassing visits to your gynecologist’s office or pharmacy.

How often should a woman use boric acid?

pH-D is the only boric acid suppository that OWNS and OPERATES its own FDA registered manufacturing facility, to ensure that the highest safety standards are met. This also means that the suppository is made using only the finest USP (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients and is free of artificial colors, preservatives, and flavorings.

The Most Effective Suppository You Can Buy

While there are a multitude of over-the-counter (OTC) boric acid suppositories on the market, phd suppositories is the only one with a unique formula that includes titanium dioxide, which helps to absorb and disperse the acid for better absorption. This makes for a much more effective and long-lasting suppository.

The Most Affordable Solution

While the feminine hygiene industry is expected to reach $38B by 2026, access to quality care remains a challenge for many women – particularly for those living in low-income neighborhoods where health insurance coverage can be sparse or nonexistent. In response, pH-D is bringing the best of the holistic, natural and affordable worlds to the forefront by offering its boric acid suppositories at retailers nationwide, making them both more accessible and more affordable than many other options out there.

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