Tropical Systems

Florida weather forecast tropical system

Florida weather forecasts are predicting a very wet week ahead. There are two tropical systems expected to merge in the Atlantic this weekend, bringing potentially wet weather to the Sunshine State.

One of these is expected to develop into a subtropical system early next week. The other is expected to become a hurricane, bringing winds and rain to the state. Both of these are forecast to bring coastal flooding and high tides. High surf and rip currents are expected, as well. Most of the state should remain dry, though. However, a few communities in the Florida Panhandle and Okeechobee should expect to see higher rainfall amounts.

A disturbance in the Atlantic is also expected to bring rain to parts of the state. Some communities could see up to 3 inches of rain, while others may only receive a few tenths of an inch. As these systems interact with one another, they will continue to bring repeated rounds of showers. This will increase during midweek and into the weekend. During the week, the most likely areas to see heavier rain are central and northern Florida.

Meanwhile, a tropical system is expected to develop near the Bahamas by the middle of next week. Coastal areas can expect sustained tropical-storm-force wind gusts from 36 to 48 hours. In addition to storm-force wind gusts, there is a chance of heavy rainfall, including rain-driven tornadoes. Several hundred miles east of Bermuda, the low pressure system is likely to intensify into a hurricane.

While the exact path and timing of the system is still unknown, most models indicate worsening conditions over the next five days. The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the system, and it is likely to issue Tropical Storm Watches by early Monday.

The incoming storm has the potential to bring tropical-storm-force winds to Florida, with some areas potentially seeing wind gusts of up to 40 mph. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a warning Tuesday, urging residents to take precautions against coastal flooding. He said the rain will likely affect travel and flights over the Thanksgiving holiday.

If the system becomes a hurricane, it could lash the Florida coast with strong wind gusts and heavy rainfall. It has the potential to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday night. Depending on its strength, Nicole will be capable of bringing winds of up to 70 mph. After it hits the coast, the storm will head north, likely affecting eastern Central Florida by Thursday.

The National Weather Service has warned of heavy rain on the east coast of Florida during the week. The rain will likely reach up to a half foot in five days, but it is not known how far it will spread. The FOX 35 Storm Team will be monitoring the area of low pressure, and will update its information as it becomes available.

Despite a relatively quiet start to the hurricane season, a few storms are expected to form in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean over the next few weeks. Most of these systems have a shorter duration, but they can impact larger areas.