Month: June 2021

Tide will design the first laundry detergent for space and begin stain removal testing on the International Space Station in 2022

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tide® signed a Space Act agreement with NASA to assist in the development of laundry detergent solutions and technology development in space. Under the agreement, NASA can test and study Tide cleaning solutions in space. The study could have potential implications for the planet, such as innovative solutions to resource and environmental challenges on […]

Torrential rains and high tide lead to widespread flooding across Kolkata

Rising river levels caused the gate to close, Calcutta Municipal Corporation engineers say Subhajoy Roy | Kolkata | Posted on 18.06.21, 02:55 Torrential rains and a high tide, which prevented water from flowing into rivers, caused widespread flooding across the city on Thursday, engineers from the Calcutta Municipal Corporation said. Ten drainage pump stations in […]

Could the Tampa Bay red tide be linked to the Piney Point disaster?

Red Tide has arrived in Tampa Bay. A patchy bloom suspected to be the cause of fish kills on the Pinellas Coast and around Port Manatee emerged two months after 215 million gallons of sewage was pumped into the estuary from the site of a former fertilizer factory. People already have suspicions. But can we […]

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