Month: February 2022

Red tide study documents severity of blooms in hopes of identifying levels of risk in future outbreaks

A recent study uses six decades of red tide data along Florida’s west coast to compare the strength of algal blooms over the years, creating an index of bloom severity. National and regional scientists looked at cell counts of the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, between 1953 and 2019, as well as reports of respiratory […]

Queensland floods, NSW storms: couldRain bomb, flood days ahead for Qld

The Premier of Queensland has warned flooding will remain for at least another five days while saying a ‘rain bomb’ is hovering over the state. The Premier of Queensland has predicted the horror floods will last at least another five days. Annastacia Palaszczuk made the grim admission on Sunday morning as the death toll rose […]

Godongwana says ‘the tide is turning’ but mulls new fiscal anchor to fully restore sustainability

Minister of Finances Enoch Godongwana insists that South Africa’s fiscal sustainability tide is turning, but also signaled on Wednesday that the government is considering the introduction of a new “fiscal anchor” to shore up modest improvements made to date and restore medium-term fiscal sustainability. Godongwana’s first budget speech was buoyed by higher-than-expected tax revenue from […]

Study explores historical red tide levels along SWFL coast to determine severity

NEWS AT A GLANCE While the Gulf of Mexico is calm at the moment, when it comes to red tides, efforts to better inform swimmers of the severity of these outbreaks are well underway. We looked at how researchers hope to assess the severity of blooms. Wave after wave, and year after year, the red […]

Using tomatoes for healing – :::…The Tide News Online :::…

Watermelon:Has a phytochemical that helps cleanse the kidneys. It’s arefreshing fruits, which means they help eliminate heat in the body.Plus, it contains nutrients that help boost sex. Taking watermelon for a long time is an aphrodisiac.PineappleThis fruit contains a lot of bromelain, a pain reliever. But that’s not all. Pineapple helps in digestion, especially protein […]

Onboard Tracker has truly changed the course of the future of the global underwater industry

According to an industry expert, the underwater sector is more open than ever to making the most of digital technology. Kevin Coll, Managing Director of Aberdeen-based IT support company Solab, whose pioneering Onboard Tracker™ crew management software is leading the digital revolution for clients including Subsea 7, Boskalis, Technip FMC and Global Marine, declares that […]

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