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The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Enugu State Branch, is set to join forces with the Enugu State Government and other stakeholders to tackle quackery in the field. medical.
These stakeholders include the state House of Assembly and executive branch, council security agencies, and other state health professional bodies.
The newly elected chairman, NMA, in the state, Dr. Celestine Ugwuoke, made it known in Enugu on Monday as he spoke shortly after being sworn in, along with other elected officials of the association in the state.
Expressing his regret that medical charlatans have caused a great deal of damage to the profession, resulting in the deaths of several unsuspecting people, he said, “it appears that no concerted effort has been made to stem this negative development. “.
According to him, “Medical quackery is a silent but devastating killer of many people and still kills, because the people who commit it have remained unrepentant after causing families to lose loved ones, while the health status of patients gets complicated.
“I have seen a lot of unqualified people pretending they are not in state health facilities.
“Some health professionals accept medical tasks or operations such as surgery beyond their training; which is supposed to be reserved for medical consultants in various specialized fields,” he said.
The incoming NMA president noted that the association would push further through the State House of Assembly to make legislation with tougher penalties against those who engage in medical quackery in the state.
Ugwuoke, popularly known as Dr Nice Man, said that after pushing to pass the law, the NMA would pressure the government to establish an agency that would be in charge of cracking down on medical charlatans.
“The agency will be made up of members from a variety of medical professional backgrounds to make sure everything is understanding and then get rid of all forms of medical quackery and other non-professional malpractice.
“Individual doctors, the NMA and concerned citizens can do little without effective law, with government and security agencies backing the fight against these quacks to a halt.
“I know the bitter experience that some NMA members have had trying to fight these imposters on their own and within two weeks of detention, the charlatans find their way back to their nefarious activities,” he said.
He noted that tackling the quack would not only sanitize the system but also secure the government’s revenue as hospitals and health institutions would get a proper license and also pay for license renewal fees.
In the hotly contested election, Dr. Esther Ekwe, emerged unopposed as Vice President; Dr. Sunday Okafor emerged as secretary and Dr. Lilian Ezugwu as deputy secretary.
The others are: Dr. Nelson Agbo Treasurer; Dr Patrick Nwachukwu Financial Secretary; Dr. Ijeoma Charles-Ugwuagbo, publicity secretary; and Dr. Nnamdi Ezugworie, who emerged unopposed as social secretary.
The NMA’s newly elected state executives would direct the affairs of the association in the state for two years.

By: Canice Amadi, Enugu

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