Beachgoers: Clearwater Beach seems to be improving despite the red tide

People are flocking to Clearwater Beach despite the FWC’s report of average Karenia Brevis concentrations.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — On Friday afternoon, crowds of people could be seen along Clearwater Beach.

The latest FWC report shows average levels of Karenia Brevis detected in Clearwater Beach waters. This means that people could have breathing problems due to the red tide.

Despite these findings, people said on Friday that they had no problems at the beach.

“Kids can get out on the water, we can chill on the beach and not smell that smell,” Indiana visitor Larry Ashley said.

Ashley and her family are staying at a hotel in Indian Shores but made the trip to Clearwater because there were dead fish along Indian Shores beach.

“We would have been happy with Indian Shores, but once the red tide came and the fish were on the beach, we had to find somewhere to sunbathe and not have to smell that smell,” Ashley explained.

A person who lives in Madeira Beach echoed that concern and went to Clearwater Beach for dinner.

“I see a lot of dead fish all over the Indian rocks at Madeira Beach. Clearwater doesn’t smell like the southern beaches seem to,” Ryan Kashtan said.

Currently, the National Weather Service has issued a Danger Statement for all beaches in Pinellas County. This will remain in effect until Saturday.

Even with that warning, people said they had no problem at Clearwater Beach.

“The overall experience in terms of what you breathe and your throat and everything seems to be much better in Clearwater than in Madera and Indian Rocks,” Kashton explained.

To check local beach conditions before hitting the road, Click here.

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