Blackpool Weekend Weather Forecast and Tide Times: Make a splash this weekend at Trinity Hospice’s Color Run

The station is forecast for a cloudy start until Friday morning, but the sun will start to appear around lunchtime with some periods of sunshine with cloudless skies until early evening. Maximum temperature 18C.

Wind speeds will increase, with maximum gusts reaching 34mph – so take extra care on beaches and boardwalks.

There will be clear skies overnight before Saturday morning, which will be cloudy with a light shower expected around noon.

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Blackpool is expected to be windy and wet this weekend.

Light rain is then expected from around 4pm, with a 50% chance of rain continuing overnight through Sunday. Maximum temperature 17C.

Sunday morning will see a mix of light and heavy showers, before it dissipates in the early evening to give way to sunny intervals. Maximum temperature 18C.

Looking ahead to next week, the resort can expect to see milder weather with fewer periods of sunshine, but no rain.

It will remain cloudy for much of the first half of the week, with temperatures dropping slightly to an average of 16-17C.

Despite a rain forecast, the resort will celebrate Trinity Hospice’s first event since 2019 – the Blackpool Color Run – on Saturday.

Hundreds of participants will run, jog or walk a 2 mile course from Starr Gate Beach, past seven paint stations, where they will be powder coated by a Color Run Squad.

Registrations are not taken the same day, but you can always drop down to donate to the charity and show your support!

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Last chance to register for Trinity Hospice Blackpool Color Run 2021 this week…

Friday: Maximum daytime temperature: 19C, minimum nighttime temperature 16C. Cloudy then sunny periods at the end of the morning.

Saturday: Maximum daytime temperature: 17C, minimum nighttime temperature 14C. Sunny then cloudy periods at the end of the morning.

Sunday: Daytime high 18 C, nighttime low 14 C. Light rain changing to sunny periods in the early evening.

If you get in trouble or someone needs help at sea, call 999 and ask for the Coast Guard.

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