Clear Lake Texas water levels: High winds and low tide combine to push water to historic lows

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – This weekend’s strong cold front has no doubt given you notice of the cold weather and high winds. But for some waterfront residents, they also had a rare sight.

These strong winds combined with tidal conditions pushed water levels lower than usual on Clear Lake. The lake, which is actually a brackish harbor that feeds Galveston Bay, is impacted by the tides.

The winds were so strong this weekend behind the cold front due to a very tight pressure gradient across the state. This basically means that there is a large change in pressure over a small distance. Think of it like a soda can – when you open it, air escapes from it, leaving an area of ​​high pressure inside the can with low pressure outside the can.

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One owner, Dana LeConey, sent in ABC13 videos of water levels so low someone could walk well in the area that would normally be shipping channels. The docks and signs marking the canals were fully exposed, right down to the soft, muddy bottom of the lake.

LeConey says she has lived in the area near Waterford Harbor and Marina Del Sol for 30 years, and has never seen water this low.

On Monday, SkyEye 13 flew over the area and found that although water levels continued to be below average, the lake had recovered to the point where the bottom was no longer fully visible. Some workers were spotted standing in knee-deep water while working on a dock, where visible barnacles showed the typical water level should be two to three feet higher.

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