Do you remember the Tide capsules? Now we have Scotch pods

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It’s not every day that an alcohol company imitates a detergent manufacturer. But anyone who has purchased a Tide Laundry Pod will recognize the origins of the so-called Scotch Pod,

After the tide pod craze, we now have scotch pods, or “glassless cocktails” for drinkers who can’t bother to pour.

“No ice. No agitator. No glass. We are redefining the way whiskey can be tasted… #noglassrequired, ”The Glenlivet tweeted as part of its“ Capsule Collection ”rollout, scheduled with London’s Cocktail Week.

People have enjoyed Scotch Whiskey for hundreds of years, usually in a glass and often on ice, of course.

Today, The Glenlivet, one of the best producers in the world, offers this variation:

“A first of its kind for a spirits brand, the edible capsules are 23ml in size, are fully biodegradable and provide the perfect flavor explosion experience,” read the Scottish brand’s promotional material. “Enjoying them is simple, the capsules are put in the mouth for an instant burst of flavor and the capsule is simply swallowed. “

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Judging from the posts on Twitter, some whiskey enthusiasts aren’t that happy.

“Ummm, whiskey cocktails are to sip and enjoy, not explode in your mouth all at once,” wrote Susie Mac./pp “Jello shots. You’ve reinvented jello shots,” Jodran Weissmann tweeted ./pp “Just put it in an IV bag. Let’s come to the inevitable conclusion,” added the writer Roxane Gay. confuse them with laundry detergent./p

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