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Aminu Kano Center for Democratic Studies, Bayero University, Kano (BUK), in collaboration with the University of Nigeria Nsukka Muslim Community (UNNMC), organized an accountability forum for councilors in Enugu North.
The event, which took place in Nsukka, aimed to sensitize newly appointed councilors from the Enugu North Senatorial District on the need to be accountable as elected officials.
In a remark, Dr. Mausu Saddiq, Director of the UNNMC Anti-Corruption Project, said the seminar aimed to sensitize councilors to be accountable, transparent and fight corruption as elected representatives of the people.
“This seminar aims to make you aware of being responsible, transparent and fighting corruption in the performance of your duties.
“Do your best to keep the campaign promises you made to your people and honestly give them everything the government gives you to give to your people.
“Say no to corruption in the performance of your duties,” he said.
Saddiq, represented by Mr. Salawa Sikiru, monitoring and evaluation officer of the project, said that for the country to take its rightful place in the world, all must come together to promote accountability, transparency and the fight against against corruption.
“We know that corruption cannot be completely eradicated, but it can be reduced to the bare minimum,” he said.
Also speaking, Alhaji Abdullahi Anyachonkeya, UNNMC Administrative Secretary and Project Accountant, said UNNMC’s collaboration with the Aminu Kano Center for Democratic Studies began in 2018.
He said his goal was to ensure elected officials promote accountability, transparency and fight corruption in the performance of their duties.
“It is unfortunate that corruption is increasing day by day and if we all keep our arms crossed, this canker worm will continue to gnaw deeply at the fabric of our country.
“There is an urgent need to sensitize Nigerians, especially our elected leaders, on how to fight corruption before this wind destroys this country,” he said.
The Secretary said that for those who elect councilors to benefit from good governance and the dividends of democracy, councilors must be accountable and transparent.
“For you to leave a good legacy that future generations will remember, you must say no to all forms of corruption.
“As a councillor, ensure at all times that you are politically, morally, financially and maritally responsible as this will enhance your respect and integrity as a representative of the people,” he said.
He urged them to avoid anything that could ruin their future and bring shame to their families, neighborhoods and local governments.
“Try to do the right thing at the right time by saying no to all forms of corruption, no matter which beef is gored.
“Remember that if you work very well as an advisor, it will open up more opportunities for you in the future to serve your people and the country in a greater capacity,” he added.
Anyachonkeya also urged them to remember God in all they did, knowing full well that one day they would stand before their Creator to give an account of their stewardship.
“In everything you do in the line of duty, respect and fear God, for one day you will stand before him to give an account of your stewardship,” he said.
The Accountant revealed that the UNNMC Anti-Corruption Project is funded by the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation.
Also speaking, Rev. Gabriel Imeri, senior pastor of City-Takers International Bible Mission Nsukka, said that to move the country forward, public officials must be accountable to the people who elected them.
He said the mandate relates to those elected and appointed in federal, state and local governments.
Imeri, who is also Deputy Registrar, Department of Registry, UNN, noted that many anti-corruption agencies and commissions established by the federal government have not done enough.
“We have the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Commissions (ICPC) and the Code of Conduct Office.
“The government should take more steps to strengthen these organizations to enable them to fight corruption and restore the country to the enviable level of respect and dignity within the community of nations,” he said.
He urged the councilors to avoid any form of corruption in carrying out their duties as legislators of their various LGAs in Enugu North Senatorial District.
Speaking with reporters, Mr. Jude Omeje, the Head of Nsukka Local Government Legislative Council thanked the organizers of the program for raising awareness.
“What I learned today will help me promote accountability, transparency as well as the fight against corruption as leader of the Legislative Council,” he said.
Newsmen reports that as many as 20 district counselors attended the seminar.

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