Groups accuse INEC of destroying 15.4 million new voters

Emohua, Rivers State Local Government Area Chairman Dr. Chidi Lloyd has slammed Senator Lee Meeba for his recent outburst against the state’s Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike.

Meeba, who backs People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, had accused Wike of political dictatorship and claimed that Wike had sworn to prevent them from campaigning for Atiku in the state without his express permission, lamenting that the governor frustrated his attempt to contest the party’s gubernatorial primary.

The former senator, who was recently sacked as chairman of the board of trustees of Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic in Port Harcourt by the governor, has alleged that Wike did not allow him to employ anyone in the institution and refused to fund the polytechnic because of him. .

He said the governor was also furious that he and some PDP leaders met with Atiku recently and promised him that Rivers would vote for a PDP candidate in 2023.

But Lloyd, in his response, flailed Meeba, calling him a coward with no electoral value.

He said it was nationally high cowardice for Meeba, a two-time senator, to claim Wike ordered him not to run for governor.

Lloyd said Meeba again showed cowardice by remaining chairman of the board of a polytechnic which he claimed Wike had refused to fund for more than seven years without resigning his position.

He said: “I can only describe Lee Meeba as a coward. It is very unfortunate that he has taken his cowardice to the national level. That Lee, a two-time senator, comes out on a national television to say that Wike has ordered not to hold elections, and that is why he did not win, is a sign of his cowardice.

“He also said that he served as chairman of the board of trustees of Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, but the governor refused him to employ anyone and did not fund the school. . But he stayed there without resigning. They are not human beings”.

Lloyd said Meeba lacked decency for reporting the outcome of a meeting he was not present at because, according to Meeba, who is Ogoni, Wike met with the Ikwerre elite.

He said, “He didn’t have the decency to report events that happened at a meeting he didn’t attend. He said in his interview that it was a meeting of the elite of Ikwerre. How did they lose the fact that Governor Wike can intimidate them all?

“Will he (Meeba) have cried foul if he received the governor’s ticket? He opened his mouth to say that the governor hates the Ogoni. It is the same man who split the road from Saakpenwa to Kono where Lee comes from. Maybe the Governor didn’t give Lee’s company, New Tiger Head, the construction of an air bridge that will fall and kill the people of Rivers.

“They have nothing to say about Governor Wike. Let him leave Abuja and come to Rivers to give interviews. Let him come home. We are here. They are “the food is ready” politicians. They think going to Atiku and bashing Governor Wike will make Atiku take them seriously.

“He also showed that he can’t give Atiku a voice. Between Wike and Lee, who should choose Atiku, the man who called you to tell you you wouldn’t get a single vote, and it happened like this? Let Lee Meeba point to an Ogoni he had made throughout his foray into the Senate. How on earth do you think a state like Rivers wouldn’t matter with over 3.6 million votes? »

On Atiku, he said, “Obviously Atiku wasn’t meant to be president with his body language. As a Catholic, I will tell you clearly. I have not seen a man who is given delicious food and pushes it down.

“No one abdicates his chair to intruders. Atiku returned to the PDP from the APC, contested the 2019 elections, lost and went to Dubai. He took this long vacation until the election period. He came back.

“He is someone the former president told us that if he had given it to him, God would not have forgiven him. Do they think we have no memory? It’s in Obasanjo’s book. Rather than looking for ways to get everyone together around a table, people like Lee are running to Abuja. Is this where the election will take place?

“I want to remind Lee that his school, the high school he attended in his community, is leaking. He attended Rumueme Government Secondary School. No roof”.

Lloyd insisted that the plot by Atiku and those loyal to him to create a crisis in Rivers PDP was an exercise in futility because the party leadership was solidly behind Wike.

He said, “There is no crisis at Rivers PDP. Governor Wike is in command. We are satisfied with Governor Wike. That’s why some of us who went to APC came back to partner with him. Can’t you see what’s happening that there’s no other political party in Rivers? We are solidly behind Wike.

“Lee opened his mouth and said that Wike had said he shouldn’t buy a form: Forms sold at the national secretariat. Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar should not let these characters spoil this chance he has. These people only profit from the crisis. We know Ledogo Meeba. He has no pedigree to defame Wike”.

By: Akujobi Amadi

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