High tide phenomenon: coastal areas of Klang calm down thanks to sunny skies

Clear skies and warm sunshine saw the peak of the high tide phenomenon at 7.45am on Tuesday 13th September along the coastal areas of Klang which passed without any untoward incidents.

Port Klang Fire and Rescue Station Chief Razif Mohamad Haris said the tide had peaked at 5.4m but the waters along the coastal areas were much calmer and in most places the waters did not break through the dykes because there was no rain as expected.

“We were lucky to have clear skies and warm sunshine. Villagers at Kampung Sungai Serdang and Pengkalan Tok Muda jetty in Kapar continued their normal routine as the water level remained below the level of the dykes. Meanwhile at Jalan Syahbandar the water was ankle deep on the road outside Port Klang KTM Komuter station but the waters quickly receded,” he said.

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Razif said men stationed along the coast noted that the sea was calm and there was no rain.

“The breakwaters along the coast from Klang to Telok Gong, Pulau Ketam to Port Klang, as well as Tok Muda and Sementa jetty to Kapar were in good condition and withstood the high tide,” he said.

Several members of Klang District Civil Defense, Klang Public Works Department, Port Klang Fire Station and Klang City Council’s Swift Action Squad (Pantas) were present to check on the tide situation high at Port Klang pier.

According to the Port Klang National Hydrographic Center, the high tide phenomenon is expected to reach 5.3m tomorrow (September 14) at 8:16 a.m.

The Klang District Disaster Management Committee has advised people in coastal areas to be vigilant, especially if it is raining.

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Meanwhile, Klang district officer Shahman Jalaludin said 62 localities in Klang district are at risk of flooding due to high tide phenomenon and northeast monsoon that occurs from here. december.

“We have identified 62 hotspots in Klang district that are prone to flooding, but this will happen when high tide coincides with continuous rains. But, like this morning (September 13) and even on September 12, there was a high tide, but no rain and the sea was calm. Our only concern is that in October and November the risk of flooding is greater when rain is added to the danger of high tide,” he said.

Shahman added that residents of Kampung Telok Gong, Sungai Serdang, Kampung Tok Muda and Pulau Indah could be affected by the situation, especially in low-lying areas.

“Based on the Malaysian Meteorological Department’s weather forecast for the period September 2022 to February 2023, Selangor is expected to experience a shift from southwest monsoon to northeast monsoon.

“Due to the monsoon transition, an average of 100mm to 400mm of additional rainfall is expected from the middle of this month and there is a risk of flooding,” he said.

Shahman said that during the same period, the phenomenon of flooding is expected along the coastal areas of Klang.

Earlier in the morning, Klang City Council (MPK) Deputy Director of Law Enforcement Department Shahrul Hazri Abd Majid said the council’s Rapid Action Task Force (Pantas) had posted 27 men to monitor the areas along the rivers and even patrol the lower parts of Port Klang. .

Pantas is the team that handles emergencies and disasters at local council level.

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