How to hide a comment on instagram? As a popular social media platform, Instagram is a great way to share snapshots of your day with friends and family. It’s also a valuable tool for marketing and brand awareness. Instagram users can find inspiration for fashion from influencers, plan a vacation with travel influencers, or discover new products and services from brands they follow. Instagram also offers a variety of ways to incorporate video into posts, including Reels (vertical videos), IGTV, Instagram Live and Stories.

How do you hide comments and likes on Instagram?

Unfortunately, some users use Instagram to cause harm to others, resulting in cyberbullying and other types of harassment. Some of these comments can even lead to physical or emotional distress. As a result, Instagram has introduced safety features to help prevent such behavior. In this article, you will learn how to hide a comment on instagram and the reasons why you might want to do so.

When you hide a comment, it’s only visible to you and the person who made it. The commenter won’t receive a notification that their comment was hidden and they will be able to see it when they visit your profile.

You can also choose to automatically hide offensive words in comments through the Settings and Privacy menu. This option is available when you select the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the app and navigate to your Instagram account’s Settings and Privacy menu. Tap the Manage custom words for messages and comments tab. Add the words you want to be hidden from your messages and comments, then toggle the button to activate the feature.

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