Jharkhand CM for income generation, proper irrigation facilities to overcome drought

Officials responsible for providing food, board, drinking water and animal feed

Ranchi, September 12: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Monday urged state officials to ensure livelihoods, increase income generation, proper irrigation facilities and adequate amount of food grains, drinking water and animal feed.

Speaking to the media, Soren said the government is determined to ensure adequate income for farmers and also to secure employment so that there is no migration to other states.

Hemant Soren issued directives during a review of the drought situation in the state and also directed all departments to develop a coordinated plan of drought relief measures worth about Rs 2,000 crore to Rs 2,500 crore and build one lakh new wells and one lakh ponds across the state.

It also ordered to provide relief to farmers who are facing the impact of the rainfall deficit, it was also decided to remove the ban on non-concrete work under the MNREGA employment guarantee program, and five new programs should be started in every village to increase man -days of work and jobs.

Soren, during the high-level drought meeting, reviewed the rainfall and crop planting situation in the state. The government has stepped up preparations to relieve farmers, herders, laborers and villagers from the drought.

“There should be no shortage of food grains, drinking water and animal feed in this drought situation. Bearing this in mind, programs should be developed and followed up with better implementation,” the Chief Minister said.

He also directed for geo-tagging of all schemes.

Along with this, hand pumps and check dams will be repaired on a war footing.

He asked to ensure the distribution of the pension between the beneficiaries by fifth of each month. On this occasion, the officials said that there were 31 lakh pensioners in the state and 8 lakh new applications for pension sanction had been received.

Soren said food security is the government’s top priority and people should not run out of food grains. He asked officials to sanction five lakh new ration cards at the earliest. He said if there is a drinking water crisis due to drought, then make arrangements to maintain the normal supply of drinking water through tankers or other means.

Officials said that according to the rainfall situation in the state till September 9, seven districts received normal rains, 15 districts below normal and two districts received very little rain. Due to reduced rainfall, the planting period for paddy and other crops was well below target.

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