King Tide coastal flooding this weekend – Boston News, Weather, Sports

The tides are at the highest high levels today at 12 feet. They will stay that way until Sunday and just below 12 feet on Monday. A royal tide occurs completely naturally, it is when the moon, sun and earth are perfectly aligned to exert the greatest gravitational pull on the oceans. But those high tides are enough to cause coastal flooding this weekend with no winds or storms.

We’ve seen minor flooding before and will see it again and it’s nothing too alarming unless you have vulnerable property on the coastline. But if you’re driving around noon for the next two days, some of those low-lying coastal roads can get 1 to 2 feet of flooding.

When King Tides become a problem is when they are associated with strong storms or wind. Think back to last week. The tides were astronomically low with a 4ft storm surge pushing water levels to 12ft. If we had had 12ft King Tides with a 4ft storm surge, that would have been 16ft water level for Boston – setting a record for highest water level.

Other than the King Tides, the weekend forecast is excellent! Don’t forget to change your clocks Saturday night.

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