King Tide Season Increases St. Augustine Flood Risk – Action News Jax

ST. AUGUSTINE – King Tide season is upon us. These specific tides can bring unusually high water levels causing local flooding.

Residents of St. Augustine are no strangers to flooding.

“When it rains really hard, it runs off all these areas here,” resident Pat Balanzategui said.

“Whenever there is any turnout or flooding, we get water in that direction,” said resident Rhonda Dunn.

They are always ready for the King Tide season.

City officials in St. Augustine issued an alert last week, listing the highest predicted tides of the season, with the first being this weekend.

Corey Simma, meteorologist with First Alert’s weather team, explained why residents can see a higher tide.

“The September full moon is a bit later than normal, which is why we can see these high tides at the end of the month,” Simma said.

What exactly is King Tide?

“A royal tide is a tide that is just a little higher than usual. It typically occurs during the months of October in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia,” Simma said.

City officials say more severe flooding can occur if King Tide coincides with extreme weather.

Dunn has seen his fair share of King Tide.

“The roads are flooded. You have trouble getting through areas like this… Water comes up through the drain holes and stuff,” Dunn said.

In a lower area, the neighbors know what to do.

“If I know it’s going to be high, I’m going the other way,” Balanzategui said.

Looking ahead to what lies ahead, they are also eager to change the structure of their neighborhood.

“We’re looking forward to things being done about it and there’s been a lot of conversation,” Dunn said.

You can read more about King Tide here

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