MBMC is preparing for 22 days of high tide during the monsoon this year

The monsoon promises to keep the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) and citizens, especially those living on the coast, on their toes as the seas will rise above 4.5 meters up to 22 times between the 13 June and September 13.

Taking weather forecasts into account, the MBMC Disaster Management Cell has released a list of high tide days when the sea level rises above an average of 4.5 meters. If the tides are coupled with heavy rains, the risk of flooding becomes considerably higher, especially in low-lying areas – as there are no outlets for rainwater.

Up to 30 low-lying areas and chronic waterlogging points have been identified in the twin city this year. According to data available from the MBMC Disaster Management Cell, seven days out of 22 will see waves reaching a height of 4.8 to 4.9 meters – mostly during the afternoon. The remaining days are expected to record high tides of 4.5 meters.

“Our disaster management unit is fully prepared to deal with any emergency situation. Along with roped in by members of the fishing community and expert swimmers for rescue operations, personnel from all departments will remain on high alert. Municipal properties, including schools, have been designated to serve as transit camps should the need arise,” said Municipal Leader Dilip Dhole.

Although tides over 4.5 meters are called high, they are considered dangerous if the height reaches 5 meters. However, taking no chances, the Disaster Management Cell and MBMC Fire Staff say they are making the necessary arrangements well in advance to deal with any eventualities that may arise due to heavy rains coinciding with the high tide period. . The twin city had recorded a rainfall of 3262 mm last year.

In addition to local ward offices and fire departments, citizens can contact the head office emergency control room on 28117102/ 28117104.

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