Mithi River rising even when there is no high tide should be a wake-up call for Mumbai: BJP MLA

The flooding of the Mithi River and the Bhandup sewage treatment plant should be a wake-up call for Mumbai, and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray should immediately convene a meeting of all elected officials, academics and experts to find a solution to the problem. the crisis that has left the city partially paralyzed, Ashish Shelar, BJP MP for Bandra (West), said on Monday.

Shelar said: “Rising water levels in the Mithi River, even when there is no high tide, is a serious problem. The water level did not drop as expected. This is unusual,” he adds, “for the first time the Bhandup sewage treatment plant had to be closed due to flooding nearby.”

The MP further said that in the past 25 years, he had never seen any flooding in the Mithi River at a time when there was no high tide, and this needed to be investigated.

“The water from the Mithi River often flows into the sea. If the incessant rain coincides with the high tide, it sometimes sees the water levels rise. But the last two days we have seen a different picture. The The water from the river was rising dangerously and entering nearby residential communities,” he added.

He also said that on July 26, 2005, Mumbai witnessed the worst flooding but even under such unfavorable situation, Bhandup sewage treatment plant was not affected.

Blaming the BMC administration for the loss of life during the monsoon, Shelar said, “The BMC boasted of having completed the cleaning of the drains at 112%. If this were true, why did the waterlogging occur? Why did 31 people die?

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