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An environmental consultant in Rivers State, Pali-Alabo Maxwell Fubara, has alerted state residents of impending heavy rains, amounting to 1,750mm in 2022, with socio-economic implications for residents of the state. ‘State.
Speaking to The Tide in Port Harcourt recently, Fubara urged residents not to panic, saying government at all levels are developing strategies to ensure adequate protection of lives and property.
According to him, “the onset, cessation and amount of precipitation predicted for 2022 are similar to the forecast for 2021, and the implication is that we expect to experience a rainfall pattern of similar high intensity and frequency to that of 2021. .
“Lagos Island is expected to have rainfall on the date set as the end date of June 6 to September 30 and a total rainfall amount of 1627mm.
“However, the Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP) for River State, in general, means onset dates are between March 17 at the earliest and April 6, 2022 at the latest, while cessation dates are between September 30 and November 5. 2022. The maximum amount of annual precipitation (AR) is expected to be 1,750mm,” he said.
According to him, the recent increase in the frequency of extreme weather events was expected to continue in 2022 with days of extremely high rainfall, which could lead to acute flooding.
“I urge caution as strong winds are expected at the start and end of each rain event, as is the Envisioned Harmattan forecast, which may result in reduced visibility and lead to flight disruptions and casualties. revenue due to delays and cancellations in the aviation industry,” Fubara said.
Regarding the expected floods, he said, “The state government will continue to reap the rewards of careful and vigorous planning and execution as our flood control measures are strengthened to contain any heavy rain imminent”.
Fubara, an environmental expert trained at Rivers State University, said that to ensure a flood-free and hygienic environment in the state, it has become imperative for the government to embark on drainage maintenance throughout the state. throughout the year for effective and efficient flood control, in addition to an effective and sustainable solid waste management system.
The government, he said, should determine the continuation of the long-established synergy and partnership with the Niger Delta Basin Development Authority (NDBDA), which he said provided control and monitoring the regular and systematic release of water from the Niger River to prevent flooding of the downstream reaches of the Niger Delta River.
“This mutual relationship has been very beneficial in the past and the government should maintain it.” Fubara said.

By: Bethel Tobie

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