Onboard Tracker has truly changed the course of the future of the global underwater industry

According to an industry expert, the underwater sector is more open than ever to making the most of digital technology.

Kevin Coll, Managing Director of Aberdeen-based IT support company Solab, whose pioneering Onboard Tracker™ crew management software is leading the digital revolution for clients including Subsea 7, Boskalis, Technip FMC and Global Marine, declares that the submarine sector is vital continues to stay one step ahead to accompany the changing pace of the energy transition.

Onboard Tracker™ is a modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) web-based platform that safely and efficiently manages the crew of tens of thousands of energy and marine personnel around the world.

Leveraging both deep industry knowledge and technology experience, Solab has continued to develop the integrated platform in step with the dynamic needs of the broader subsea and energy industry. Legacy systems can’t keep up with the fast pace of the Onboard Tracker-driven crew world.

Technology designed for the underwater market

In terms of digital technology adoption, Solab’s flagship digital platform has seen a substantial increase in subsea and marine customers over the past two years, with 45% of its customers now operating in the industry. submarine.

A host of major global players now use the online hub to manage global personnel logistics and scheduling, crew rotations, training, certification and skills.

Onboard Tracker™ sits at the heart of every customer’s crew operations, delivering a single, relevant user experience across the organization, whether it’s director-level management information or a user on the land receiving an update of a modified crew change date.

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Solab’s General Manager of IT Services, Kevin Coll.

While Onboard Tracker™ acts as the central hub for all crew operations, the Solab team fully recognizes the need and benefits of partnering with other vendors in the crew space, including training providers and travel management companies to facilitate the end-to-end crewing process for its clients. With Onboard Tracker’s modern infrastructure, integrations with external parties are easily facilitated with several strong partnerships already in place for the benefit of its users.

The explosive growth of technology in the underwater sector now allows Onboard Tracker™ to be used to manage over 30% of UKCS underwater vessels, and this number is expected to increase significantly in 2022.

Onboard Tracker™ records vital daily operating data to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of highly skilled personnel in over 50 countries visiting over 70% of UKCS manned platforms.

Due to this growth, a number of underwater and marine enhancements have been incorporated into the platform to allow customers to manage key operations such as saturation dive time, location management, clearance leave and minimum staffing levels allowing clients to effectively track resource gaps and plan and forecast future staffing issues.

“The underwater and marine sectors are absolutely more open to digital technology adoption and are making the best use of technology to streamline the way they do business,” Kevin said.

“We have seen a real influx of customers from these industries as companies push to use digital technology to transform the way they operate, demonstrating that Onboard Tracker™ fully aligns with a wide range of customers. in the underwater industry.”

Regain process control

Onboard Tracker ™ transforms a mass of information into a user-friendly and extremely fast online portal that provides up-to-date and accurate information.

Scalable and easy to use, Onboard Tracker™ is a proven, all-in-one business tool that puts operational visibility at the heart of a business.

One company reaping the benefits of the new streamlined system provided by Onboard Tracker™ is the world’s leading subsea service provider, Subsea 7. They have recognized the need to modernize their approach and get the most out of their processes by introducing a digitally connected strategy.

Paul McGowan, Head of IT Engagement at Subsea 7, said, “Onboard Tracker™ is at the heart of our broader digitization goal. This is the heart of our data.

“It brings us stability, supporting 24/7 operations across our entire global footprint. Our data is accessible, in real time and presented in a clear way to enable decision-making. We are excited about the future with Onboard Tracker™.

Another company implementing Onboard Tracker™ is Boskalis Subsea Services Limited, which is using this revolutionary technology to improve its growing operations.

Gillian Laing, Boskalis Subsea Services Crew Manager, said: “With the unprecedented growth of Boskalis Subsea Services Limited in the North Sea and globally, we have successfully overcome several challenges with the introduction of Onboard Tracker™.

“The system allows us to easily manage compliance and assurance. Dashboard and reporting options give each user a personalized experience and tailor it to their own function within the business, along with reports and Power BI technology, we’ve created bespoke reports for our own business needs.

“With continuous updates, Onboard Tracker™ is always ahead of the curve to keep us up to date with new feature options. Having all our data kept precisely in one place has maximized planning and scheduling. Crew for our Offshore Team Many thanks to the Onboard Tracker™ team.

Onboard Tracker™ is a single, mobile and portable platform, which means it can be used safely and easily from anywhere from a range of devices, including mobile phone, laptop or tablet from an office, ship, offshore platform or on the go.

With an enterprise-class design and monthly subscription format, a core product can be developed on a module-by-module basis using add-ons that take

the system exactly where your business needs it – at the very heart of your operations.

“We continue to invest a tremendous amount of time, money and expertise in Onboard Tracker R&D to ensure our customers continue to love the system and the new features they help us create,” said Kevin.

“We have grown exponentially through diversification into these new markets and will continually evolve to meet the needs of modern businesses. Digital transformation should be about taking control of processes with structured and consistent data backed by an ecosystem of modern, connected software applications playing a key role in business growth and success.

With Onboard Tracker™, seeing is really believing. Book a demo today at onboardtracker.com and learn how to embark your business on the digital revolution today.

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