Red tide warning signs will be placed on Sarasota County beaches

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows average red tide levels in Sarasota County. SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. — Department of Health officials say there are high levels of red tide in and around Sarasota County beaches. And, signs warning people of red tide in the water will be posted at select Sarasota County beaches […]

Red tide reported in Sarasota County near Turtle Beach

Low red tide levels were measured near Turtle Beach this week after weeks of occasional high levels farther south. SARASOTA, Florida – Red tide is an unusually persistent harmful algal bloom in our water caused by Karenia brevis, a type of algae that produces powerful neurotoxins. It can be deadly to marine life. Toxins can […]

The Operational Extratropical Surge and Tide Forecasting System (ESTOFS) is now global

On November 24, the NWS updated the global ESTOFS to provide NWS forecasters with high-resolution water level forecast guidance, including storm tides (storm surge plus tides) for the entire world . The ESTOFS global forecast will be used by forecasters from the Weather Forecasting Offices (WFOs) and the Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) to generate their […]

Rise to meet the tide

As the threat of coastal flooding increases, scientists are responding with a flood of data. Faster, more accurate forecasts can save lives and property. Christina Laughlin is usually doing everything she can to avoid flooding in her Norfolk, Va., Chesapeake Bay neighborhood. But on a blustery Sunday morning in October 2019, she donned a windbreaker […]

Charleston is experiencing significant coastal flooding from rising tide and rising sea levels

Between 1953 and 2000, Charleston experienced minor flooding an average of eight times per year, according to the National Weather Service. Over the past decade, this number has quintupled to more than 41 instances per year. The story continues under the ad Monday’s event was classified as a major flood, a threshold reached only six […]

High tide flooding in the United States continues to increase

[Front Street in Beaufort, North Carolina, during a so-called king tide. High tide flooding causes frequent road closures, overwhelmed storm drains and compromised infrastructure. (Christine Burns / NC King Tides Project UNC-IMS] [Written by NOAA] Coastal communities across the United States continued to experience record flooding at high tide last year, forcing their residents and […]

You Need Tide Pods Anyway, And Amazon Blows Them In A One Day Sale Today

If you purchase an independently rated product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Unfortunately, there will never come a time when you can stop doing laundry. This means that there will never come a time when you can stop buying laundry. Even if you’re fully stocked right […]

Red tide levels jump in southwest Florida | The Weather Channel – Articles de The Weather Channel

High concentrations of red tide were found in 47 water samples. Deaths of fish and other marine life have been reported. Southwest Florida experienced the worst red tide outbreak in more than a decade last year. The numbers don’t mean a massive epidemic is on the way, says an expert. Levels of toxic red tide […]

Floods in Venice: A third exceptional high tide hits an Italian city and threatens priceless works of art and architecture

Three quarters of Venice flooded Reeling from devastating floods this week, Venice suffered another exceptional high tide on Sunday November 17 with water peaking at 150cm (4.9ft), marking the worst week for the city since the statistics were released. official tides in 1872. The town center for tide forecasters had warned that the tide could […]

Record-breaking third tide comes in Venice as Italy hit by snow and rain – Chicago Tribune

VENICE, Italy – Venice was hit by a third record breaking tide in the same week on Sunday while other parts of Italy struggled with a range of weather issues, from rain-swollen rivers to windy violent through an off-season avalanche. Venice’s shops and museums were mostly closed in the hardest-hit area around St. Mark’s Square, […]

Flood-stricken Venice hit by another high tide, leaving most of the city underwater | The Independent

Venice was hit by another high tide, leaving nearly 70% of the city inundated, according to city officials. Venice was still covered in water on Sunday. St. Mark’s Square has been closed to pedestrians and water levels have risen in Venice’s Old Town, according to the Il Gazzettino newspaper. Shops and museums were mostly closed […]

Tidal pods are still a hazard to children and even some adults

“The current voluntary standard, public awareness campaigns and product and packaging changes to date are good first steps, but the numbers are still too high,” said the study’s lead author, Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s. Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, told Reuters. “We can do better. To […]

Do children always eat Tide capsules?

“The current voluntary standard, public awareness campaigns, and product and packaging changes to date are good first steps, but the numbers are still unacceptably high,” lead study author Gary Smith, director of Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, told Reuters. “We can do better.” RELATED: Number of Georgian […]

The new viral teen video challenge has arrived

Teens eat banana peels, candy wrappers and more in a new viral competition dubbed the ‘Shell Challenge’. Much like the “Tide Pod challenge,” where teens filmed themselves eating pods of laundry detergent, the shell of the challenge is primarily a Snapchat video craze. While not as dangerous as ingesting laundry detergent, this new challenge is […]

You need laundry detergent anyway, so why not grab the Tide pods now when they’re at a reduced price?

If you purchase an independently rated product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. There are no “ifs” when it comes to buying laundry detergent, only “when”. You will always need more because you will never stop doing laundry, so why not order more. Why now? Because Amazon […]

Why do people eat tide pods?

Photo: Samokhin Roman/Getty Images/iStockphoto All over the world, millennials are stopping to ask, in the manner of J. Alfred Prufrock: “Do I dare eat a Tide Pod?” As any adult with a half-functioning brain will tell you, the answer is no. Guess I should put this at the top: Under no circumstances eat the Tide […]

Federal report: high-tide flooding could occur ‘every other day’ by the end of this century

Placeholder while loading article actions Flooding at high tide, which can wash water onto roads and inundate homes and businesses, is an occasional occurrence in coastal areas. But its frequency has rapidly increased in recent years due to rising sea levels. Not just during storms, but also increasingly on sunny days. Years ago, the late […]

Tide Pod Challenge shouldn’t get politicians trying to outlaw stupidity

If modern America were to erect a statue in honor of a historical figure who most expresses the current zeitgeist, it couldn’t do better than Lothrop Withington, Jr. In 1939, the Harvard freshman bragged to his friends that he once swallowed a live fish. They bet him $10 that he couldn’t do it again, a […]

‘Tide Pod Challenge’ and more: 6 viral challenges that could make you lose faith in humanity

The year 2018 started some really terrible “challenges” that went viral. Many of them are dangerous to public health. The year 2018 started some really terrible “challenges” that went viral. Many of them are dangerous to public health. Here is a compilation of some of the most viral challenges encountered on social networks in recent […]

Lawmakers want to make Tide Pods less appetizing

ALBANY, NY – New York lawmakers want to require the companies behind detergent sachets like Tide Pods to individually wrap each sachet and change the colorful designs so that they are less appealing to children. The bill comes as children and teens grow concerned that children and teens are eating the packets, sometimes posting the […]

Make Tide Pods less appetizing? New York lawmakers want a design change for colorful packages

New York lawmakers and consumer groups want a bill that would make detergent packages safer. Joseph Spector, Albany Office ALBANY – New York lawmakers want to add detergent pouches such as Tide pods to other hazardous household products by requiring child-resistant packaging and clear labels as people eat the colorful pouches. The bill comes amid […]

Tide Pods confiscated from students at Steamboat School

Tide podsCourtesy STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Officials with the Steamboat Springs School District announced Tuesday that teachers at Strawberry Park Elementary School have confiscated pods of Tide laundry detergent from some students at the school. The Tide Pods recently made headlines after many children and teens chose to participate in the “Tide Pod Challenge,” in which […]

The Dangerous Tide Pod challenge continues to spread

STAMFORD – Do you have an appetite for Tide Pods? In the first half of January alone, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) reported 39 cases of teens being exposed to detergent packets. Why? The Tide Pod Challenge has taken the teenage world by storm. What started as a meme about wanting to […]

‘Tidal pod challenge’ draws attention to home poisoning risks

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — Following recent media and social media hype about the so-called “Tide pod challenge,” an expert from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences is reminding people of the dangers of similar products in the housework. The “Tide pod challenge” is a phenomenon in which teenagers and young adults dare to place often […]

Companies respond to the Tide Pod Challenge

You’ve probably heard of it – maybe even done it: the Tide pod challenge. When Tide and other detergent makers developed colorful, convenient pods designed to be tossed into washing machines and dishwashers, they didn’t expect teenagers to try to eat the products. But what was dubbed the Tide pod challenge quickly went viral, with […]

A look at what happens to your body on Tide capsules – The Simmons Voice

If you swallow the contents of the Tide Pod, it travels down your throat to your esophagus, corroding tissue along the way. The moment it reaches your stomach, your body will reject it and then trigger a vomiting response. In some cases, it is impossible to eat and swallow food due to damage to the […]

Don’t expect package design to change: NPR

Tide detergent pods, from Procter & Gamble, are seen in a Safeway store in Wheaton, Maryland, in 2015. The rate of poisonings in the so-called Tide Pods Challenge continues to grow. Gary Cameron/Reuters hide caption toggle caption Gary Cameron/Reuters Tide detergent pods, from Procter & Gamble, are seen in a Safeway store in Wheaton, Maryland, […]

Why Teens Eat Tide Pods

follow me on twitter @drClaire It’s been in the news lately: teens are eating Tide detergent pods, despite the fact that consuming them can be deadly. They film themselves doing it; it’s the “Tide Pod Challenge”. It’s not like they didn’t know it could be dangerous. Besides the fact that it’s common knowledge that detergent […]

Teens Still Eat Tide Capsules, But Don’t Expect a Product Overhaul

If you’ve never seen it, a Tide Pod looks like a small, rounded, white package with two separate swirls of blue and orange liquid. To be clear, a Tide Pod is a highly concentrated laundry detergent in a single packet, meant to dissolve in water and clean a single load of laundry. But these days, […]

CHECK: Are Tide PODS Discontinued?

This verification report examines a tweet that appears to be from Tide’s Twitter account and claims that PODS will be halted in February due to the PODS challenge. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, more than 10,000 children under the age of five have been exposed to sachets of laundry detergent. It’s […]

Teenager Gets Stomach Ache and Almost Dies After Eating Three “Tide Pods”

You don’t need me to tell you that the Tide Pod Challenge is completely ridiculous. I mean, there’s a bunch of experts and doctors out there who are all ready to tell you it’s dangerous and stupid, but I don’t think you need it either. We’re better than that, aren’t we? Anyway, in case you’re […]

2 in SC get sick from eating detergent in Tide Pod Challenge

Two SC residents intentionally ate pods of liquid laundry detergent over the past month as part of an internet craze that has swept the country. If you haven’t heard of the Tide Pod Challenge, you’re probably shocked that someone is doing such a thing on purpose. If so, you might be relieved the number isn’t […]

Why do teens eat Tide Pods and make other bad decisions? Here’s what parents need to know, what they can do ::

By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, Editor of Go Ask Mom Whether it’s out-of-control drinking games or the latest social media challenge, teens always seem to be drawn to something that makes absolutely no sense. This month he bites into the Tide Pods. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, a growing number of teens […]

Kids Got Sick From Eating Detergent Long Before The Tide Pod Challenge

There was the bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and the dummy challenge. For weeks now, thanks to a Twitter prank gone wrong, we’ve also seen the “Tide Pod Challenge”, in which teenagers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook try to eat a packet of highly concentrated laundry detergent – and film it. “How angry am I? […]

Why Do Teens Eat Tide Capsules? An 18th-century prison design could explain it

A version of this article originally appeared on The Conversation. Read the original article. An interesting and somewhat bizarre trend has recently appeared on the internet. The “Tide Pod Challenge” simply involves filming yourself biting down on a Tide Pod, a laundry detergent capsule, which some say looks like candy. Like many things on the […]

Despite warnings, even more teens are eating Tide pods

January 25, 2018 Although doctors across the country are warning teens not to ingest lye pods, hospitals are reportedly seeing even more cases of poisoning resulting from the “Tide pod challenge”. According to a report by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), “poison control centers nationwide handled 39 cases of intentional exposure among […]

Poison control group issues ‘high alert’ after spike in teens eating Tide Pods

The American Association of Poison Control Centers has issued a “high alert” in response to a sharp increase in the number of teenagers consuming Tide laundry detergent pods. In the first two weeks of 2018, poison control centers reported 39 cases of intentional exposure, rising to 47 in the third week, according to a statement […]

Brand Crisis Management: Responding to the Tide Pod Challenge

When Tide and other detergent makers developed colorful, convenient pods designed to be tossed into washing machines and dishwashers, they didn’t expect teenagers to try to eat them. But what was dubbed the Tide pod challenge quickly went viral, with teenagers posting videos of themselves spitting soap on social media. The American Association of Poison […]

blaming stupid millennials is the easy way out

An interesting and somewhat bizarre trend has recently appeared on the Internet. The “Tide Pod Challenge” is simply to film yourself biting down on a Tide Pod; a capsule of laundry detergent, which some say looks like candy. Like many things on the internet, the origins of the challenge are murky and unclear. Some date […]

Tide Pod Challenge injuries are rare in New Jersey, but state experts are concerned

Some internet trends, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, do good by raising money for disease research. Others are trivial, like the Mannequin Challenge, in which everyone freezes in place for a video. Others, however, can do tremendous harm. Such a trend emerged this month with the Tide Pod Challenge. The so-called challenge involves making […]

‘Tide Pod Challenge’ could unexpectedly boost potential sales

The “Tide Pod Challenge” may be lowering consumer perception of Tide, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from buying the detergent, according to YouGov BrandIndex. All signs point to a possible sales slump: Tide plummeted to its lowest level of consumer perception in nine months after the first viral videos – which encourage […]

Procter & Gamble CEO, Patriots star battling the Tide Pods Challenge

As more people fall ill from eating detergent pods, a manufacturer is speaking out in hopes of ending a viral challenge. David Taylor – the CEO of Procter & Gamble, the company that makes Tide detergent – posted on the P&G website that the Tide Pods Challenge is “no laughing matter.” “As a father, seeing […]

P&G CEO says company working to stop ‘Tide pod challenge’

Procter & Gamble says it’s working to stop the “Tide Pod Challenge,” a social media-fueled trend in which teens eat single-load packets of laundry detergent. The American Association of Poison Control Centers warned last week that it had seen an increase in the number of teenagers eating the detergent pods, which it says can cause […]

Dangers of Eating Tide Pod

Getty Images If you haven’t heard, teens eat laundry detergent (though they’re old enough to know more) to participate in the Tide Pod Challenge, a viral social media stunt in which you put a lye coated capsulewhich looks like a gummy candy, in your mouth and record your reaction as the pod dissolves. In the […]

Tide Pods chemically burn any tissue they touch

Popping and eating Tide Pods can cause chemical burns to any part of your body that the highly concentrated detergent touches, experts warn. The first video of the “Tide Pod Challenge” went viral on January 7, and nearly 40 teens have ended up in poison control centers across the United States since. Detergent pods contain […]

Retailers lock Tide capsules after dangerous social media challenge

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Retailers are taking action after the dangerous tidal pod challenge has taken over social media. The trend has been sweeping the web since late 2017, showing teens trying to eat pods of laundry in any way they can, including putting them on pizza, creating “edible” recipes, and simply opening them up […]

the internet joke that became a dangerous craze

US authorities have issued warnings of health risks including excessive vomiting, difficulty breathing and, in rare cases, even death. The American Association of Poison Control Centers issued an alert last week saying the trend was causing “significant concern” with an apparent spike in exposure among teenagers and young adults following deliberate ingestion of the capsules. […]

Yes, people do eat tide capsules. No, it is not sure.

It seems every few weeks another challenge takes social media by storm. Some, like the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, promote a cause. Others, like the craze for flipping bottles, are benign. But there are also those fads that are misinformed or, worse, dangerous. The most recent, the “Tide pod challenge”, belongs to this category. It involves […]

What are tidal pods and why do people eat them?

We are investigating this wave of stupidity. UPDATE: We regret to inform you that the Tide Capsules now come in the form of a purse. If you need to know why you shouldn’t be eating laundry detergent, read on … What is a Tide Pod? Why is the US government telling young people to stop […]

Tide Pod Challenge: YouTube Cracks Down on ‘Hazardous’ Detergent Challenge | Youtube

Google has begun cracking down on YouTube videos displaying the “Tide Pod Challenge,” in which people record themselves intentionally biting into laundry detergent tablets for bragging rights. The trend, which reportedly started as a joke, has gone viral, prompting warnings from watchdogs, poison control centers and Tide manufacturer Procter & Gamble. Now Google has stepped […]

What eating Tide Pods does to your body

We can’t believe we have to say this, but you really shouldn’t eat Tide Pods. Not because of a challenge, and certainly not because they look delicious for any reason. They are not. They are bad for you. They are poisons. In fact, CNN reports that poison control calls about the consumption of laundry detergent […]

No local report of “Tide pod challenge” | News

While the ice bucket challenge, cinnamon challenge, and other online modes may have faded in recent years, a new internet-inspired “challenge” has given local hospitals and emergency rooms reasons to worry. Dubbed the “Tide Pod Challenge”, the challenge involves participants – mostly teenagers and young adults – filming themselves putting Tide pods in their mouths, […]

Tide pod challenge videos deleted by YouTube

The risk of death isn’t enough to stop teens from eating packets of laundry detergent, so social media steps in. Teenagers are said to have taken part in the so-called ‘Tide Pod Challenge’, which involves recording themselves biting into washing machine pods and then uploading the videos online to go viral. Medical experts have warned […]

The “Tide Pod Challenge” highlights the danger of colored laundry packets

An incredibly stupid and extremely dangerous challenge has gone viral on social media. It’s the “Tide Pod Challenge”: Bite into the small, colorful – and potentially toxic – packets of liquid laundry detergent until they burst in your mouth. Kids, teens and young adults are posting videos of themselves doing the challenge – with the […]

YouTube pulls videos from the Tide Pod Challenge – TechCrunch

People who do stupid things on the Internet are not news. Namely: The Tide Pod Challenge, in which YouTubers filmed themselves eating — or, we really hope, pretending to eat — laundry detergent pods. Why? Uh, because they are brightly colored?? We guess??????? Obviously, that’s the level of Darwin Awards silliness – given that the […]

What’s the Tide Pod Challenge, is eating Tide Pods dangerous, and where does the meme come from?

THE Tide Pod Challenge became the newest and most dangerous internet challenge to emerge in 2018. Doctors urged teens not to participate in the dangerous craze inspired by memes. What exactly are Tide Pods and how dangerous are they to your health? 1 Doctors and parents are trying to raise awareness of the dangerous nature […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Tide Pods and Other Forms of Laundry Detergent | This is the loop

Yes, we know. Look, we’re all accepting that each new generation of teenagers comes up with new, inventive ways to be silly to get attention, and we’ve given them unlimited access to a global attention device and told them that their esteem of self depends on the likes of equally stupid peers. . But even […]

Why the internet craze, the ‘Tide pod challenge’ is dangerous, potentially deadly

The challenge of laundry detergent pods can lead to the ingestion of toxic chemicals. BySarang Koushik MD January 16, 2018, 7:12 p.m. • 3 minute read Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article — — Spring cleaning may be months away, but laundry detergent is making headlines this week as a dangerous stunt called ‘Tide […]

The Tide Pods food meme went too far – just look at all the detergent locked up

You know a meme has gone too far when people start sharing pictures of Tide Pods locked in their local store. Several retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, Ralph’s and Food 4 Less, have locked Tide Pods in plastic blocks or behind glass doors, according to recent reports on social media. The protective measure was noticed when […]

Local Parents and Teens Respond to ‘Tide Pods Challenge’

YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, PA – You’ve probably seen it circulating the internet. It’s called the ‘Tide Pods Challenge’, where teens challenge each other. YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, PA – You’ve probably seen it circulating the internet. It’s called the “Tide Pods Challenge,” where teens challenge each other to eat laundry detergent pods and it […]

Teens challenge each other to eat Tide pods. We don’t need to tell you that’s a bad idea. – Denver Post

First, it was the “Gallon Challenge” and the “Cinnamon Challenge”. Then some teenagers started playing the “bath salt challenge”. They challenged each other to pour salt into their hands and hold ice until it burned, douse each other in rubbing alcohol and burst into flames, and throw water boiling over unsuspecting peers. Now, videos circulating […]

Forecast: Some coastal areas are seeing tide levels never seen since the Blizzard of 78

Here is our full story on the storm. Below are weather reports from WBUR meteorologist David Epstein as the storm progressed Thursday. It will have more updates as Massachusetts residents dig in early Friday morning. Noon Storm Update: High Tides and Flooding I wrote earlier this week that this was not a storm we wanted […]

Astronomical high tide will hit Hampton Roads on November 5 – will you help us catch the King Tide? – The Virginian-Pilot

In Hampton Roads, as in coastal communities around the world, the tides are rising. And. And. The sea level is rising. Tidal flooding increases. And while we breathe collective sighs of relief whenever monster storms like Harvey and Irma are unleashed elsewhere, most of us know deep down that it’s only a matter of time […]

NOAA Tide Tables

NOAA Tide Tables: Learn how this product has evolved over the past 150 years. Tidal predictions are an important part of life for coastal communities in the United States. Commercial and recreational boaters who live, work and play on the coast use tidal forecasts to navigate safely through high and low ocean tides every day. […]

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