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The HYWEL DDA health board said it has recruited 45 international nurses and plans to increase this number significantly over the next few months.

International nurses have been part of the NHS since its inception in 1948 and continue to play a vital role. Hywel Dda UHB is aiming to recruit 100 international nurses this year under the centralized scheme with NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, local health boards and the Welsh Government.

The newly recruited nurses are part of a larger project to improve and expand the board of health’s nursing workforce, which will help provide the best possible patient care.

The first cohort of 11 nurses arrived in May. The nurses have passed their Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and are based in Glangwili and Prince Philip Hospitals

The second cohort of nurses arrived in June. The group of 19 nurses have also passed their OSCE and are based in hospitals in Glangwili, Prince Philip and Bronglais.

The third cohort of nurses arrived in July and are currently undergoing OSCE training in preparation for their exam. The 15 nurses are spread across hospitals in Glangwili, Prince Philip, Withybush and Bronglais.

Judith Avan from Nigeria, who works at Bronglais Hospital, said: “Living in Wales has been lovely, the people are so welcoming and the weather has been so beautiful. I look forward to moving forward in my career and specializing in Respiratory Therapy.

Nabitha Kabeer from India, who works at Glangwili Hospital, said: “I am delighted to be working with NHS Wales. I can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of Wales and grow in my career. I want to specialize in infection control or operating room nursing or forensic nursing.

Oyebola Opemipo Tikolo from Nigeria who works at Glangwili Hospital said, “It has been a great experience in and out of the ward, people are friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to develop my career by taking more courses, I’m also looking forward to bringing my family and settling here. I intend to specialize in midwifery practice as I have experience in midwifery practice in my country.

UHB’s approach to attracting and retaining its employees is to be a values-based organization.

Lisa Gostling, Director of Workforce and OD, said, “We continually work together to be the best we can be as we strive to develop and deliver great services, putting people at the heart of everything we do. We want to attract a diverse workforce and are delighted to welcome newly recruited nurses to the Hywel Dda family.

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