Stunning footage shows massive waves as high tide hits Cleethorpes

These stunning images show the waves that hit Cleethorpes this evening (Wednesday) at high tide.

Waves, which came with high tide at 7.30pm, tower over vehicles in this stunning footage captured by Nige Cordy.

It’s been a week of high tides and stormy conditions, with waves reaching over seven meters when level.

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Arriving on the shore, the tides poured stones, rocks and shells.

Earlier this week, the RNLI told GrimsbyLive there was a danger for people who get too close to the waves.

Passers-by were told to keep a safe distance earlier this week

“Over the last two or three days we have had particularly high tides. There has been spectacular wave action.

“Before Christmas, the tides brought in nine tonnes of debris. It’s also dangerous, because there’s not just water in the waves, but shells, stones and rocks. That’s enough to damage cars or unfortunately people get swept up in the water”. he said.

He added: “Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, there could be a surge which could cause damage.

The RNLI said there had been
The RNLI said there was ‘spectacular wave action’

“If people want to watch it, they have to do it from a safe distance.”

High tide times for the rest of the week according to the BBC are Thursday – 8.23am and 8.15pm; Friday – 9.12am and 9pm; Saturday – 10:01 a.m. and 9:49 p.m.; and Sunday – 10:52 a.m. and 10:43 p.m.

On Tuesday January 3, tidal flood alerts were put in place in North Lincolnshire following stormy conditions.

According to the Met Office, high and higher than usual tides occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned and the gravitational force is strong.

These tides are called spring tides and occur twice a month, often after a full or new moon.

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