Submit high tide photos using the new app

Photo by Don Bowers.

Citizen scientists can now use a downloadable app to share photos of this year’s first king tide event, which begins Monday and ends April 30, with the North Carolina King Tides Project.

The North Carolina King Tides Project, an initiative to document extreme high tide events with photos, now uses the Coastal Observer app to report water levels and submit photos of king tides and other interesting events at water level, the organization announced on Friday. After downloading the app, attendees should be able to register, answer a few questions, take or select a saved photo, and click save.

According to the King Tides Project, king tides are the highest and lowest high and low tides of the year, and are regular and predictable events. High tides are also expected to occur May 26-30, June 22-26, July 21-25, October 6-12, November 3-9, and December 2-7.

The photos submitted help visualize what “normal” high tides might look like in the future due to rising sea levels, according to the project. Using these images, it is possible to create a record of the current appearance of the coastline and track future changes.

“By visualizing these high tides, we can begin to understand how rising sea levels will impact local resources and community investments,” organizers said.

While the King Tides Project focuses on water levels, citizen scientists can submit additional information that this app collects. All submitted photos can be viewed on the Coastal Observer website.

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