Taman Sri Muda floods: High tide and heavy rain must be factors in river construction, says representative

Following flooding on the banks of the Rasau River in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam on Wednesday March 2, authorities have been urged to be more cautious about construction projects in sensitive areas.

Kota Kemuning MP Ganabatirau Veraman said the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) should also closely monitor its contractors.

“Factors such as heavy rains and the rise and fall of the tides should not be overlooked,” he said on Friday March 4.

Ganabatirau, who was alerted to the flooding at 10:05 p.m. on Wednesday, said he contacted Shah Alam Councilman Pappa Raidu Veraman, who then hired a contractor to carry out repair work on the embankment of the Rasau river.

Following residents’ claims that the flooding occurred after a contractor failed to rebuild the levee that had previously been knocked down to carry out dredging and river widening works, Selangor DID has addressed the situation in a press release.

“The current works at Taman Sri Muda do not involve dredging and widening of the river, but involve the construction of a sump pit and a new pumping system.

“These works have started since the beginning of August 2021, involving the preparation of access to the site for the construction of the pump sump structure.

“No river dredging work has been carried out on site,” it said in the statement.

A pump sump is a structure that collects water before pumping can take place.

Simply put, it looks like a pond area. A total of three pumps with a total pumping capacity of 5.1 cubic meters per second will be installed in this area.

The statement said that a new dike was built by its contractor after the floods last December to prevent the ingress of water from the Rasau River into Taman Sri Muda.

However, the newly constructed dyke eroded at the same location when the river overflowed on Wednesday.

Selangor DID said they took immediate action by building a temporary dike immediately the same day next to the original one.

This was completed by 11 p.m. Wednesday and repair work on the original seawall was due to start on Friday.

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