The annual “King Tide” returns this week

CAROLINIA BEACH, North Carolina (WWAY)– If you plan to be at the beach this week, you can expect higher water levels due to the “royal tide” that occurs every year.

The Cape Fear experiences King Tides each year when the moon is closest to the earth, causing the tide levels to rise.

The King Tide brings unusually high water levels, and they can cause local tidal flooding in areas like Canal Drive in Carolina Beach.

Carolina Beach City Manager Bruce Oakley said people should avoid Canal Drive and other flood-affected areas.

“First, it’s against the city’s ordinance to drive through flooded water, it could result in fines. A car driving through flooded water could cause a wake and damage properties along Canal Drive,” Oakley said “There can be damage to your car going through flood water because it’s salt water you’re going through, it can cause corrosion. There’s also unforeseen damage that could happen underwater that you don’t see.

Many scientists believe that events like this week’s could start to happen more often as climate change causes sea levels to rise.

King Tides provides insight into future daily water levels and is a way to communicate the local impacts of sea level rise over long periods of time.

Carolina Beach participates in the North Carolina King Tides project. For more information on the project, go here.

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