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The conflict – which has had a global impact – has left parts of eastern Ukraine in ruins and cost the global economy billions. The latest figures from the United Nations suggest that more than 10.5 million refugees have fled the war-torn country, many of whom have sought refuge across Europe.

The British government has been one of the main nations supporting Ukraine since the start of the conflict, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson visiting his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on several occasions.

While the conflict is expected to continue for some time as Russian progress stalls and Ukrainian defenses begin to hit Moscow where it hurts, the government has continued to provide economic, humanitarian and military assistance to Kyiv.

On a broader level, a series of harsh punitive economic sanctions continues to be deployed against Vladimir Putin and his entourage.

According to the latest government statement, Britain: “Provides humanitarian aid for vital medical supplies and other assistance.

“We have committed almost £400m in total, including £220m in humanitarian aid.

“This includes matching, pound for pound, £25 million in public donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine humanitarian appeal.”

Britain also led the way in military support to Ukraine, which undoubtedly changed the face of the war, especially in the early stages – British NLAW anti-tank rockets wiped out swaths of Russian tanks , as the Ukrainians of the soldiers were heard shouting “God save the queen”.

The UK pledged in July to send another £1 billion in military support to Ukraine.

This brings the UK’s total military and economic support to £3.8billion this year.

The government said: “We are providing military assistance to Ukraine, continuing to work with international partners to provide vital weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“So far, we have delivered a wide range of equipment, including thousands of anti-tank weapons, as well as anti-aircraft missiles, multiple rocket launcher systems, armored vehicles, artillery, small arms, ammunition and non-lethal aids, including helmets, body armor, rations and medical equipment.

“On June 17, the Prime Minister announced plans for a major UK-led training program to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

The training hopes to see up to 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers receive expert advice and has seen the Canadian military join the effort to help with strategic training.

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On the humanitarian front, the UK has opened its doors to refugees from Ukraine by easing visa requirements for those seeking to flee war.

The government says: “We are changing the immigration system to support British nationals and their families who usually live in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainians in the UK and their families.

“We also offer a sponsorship programme, Homes for Ukraine, enabling individuals, charities, community groups and businesses across the UK to bring Ukrainians to safety, including those who have no family connection to the UK. UK.”

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But, despite the goodwill gesture, several teething problems have arisen since the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in the UK.

Of the 95,400 Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Britain, some have complained of falling out with host families, citing cultural differences.

Reports emerged last month suggesting that host families had to evict families so the government could take action to provide them with alternative accommodation.

In terms of soft power against Russia, the UK has also led the way by brutally shutting down Putin’s financial war machine.

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The government added: “We are issuing an unprecedented set of sanctions to cut off funding for Putin’s war machine.

“We have now sanctioned over 1,000 individuals, entities and affiliates since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, including 69 prominent oligarchs.

“We have coordinated with our allies sanctions aimed at depriving the Russian government of funds to continue its unprovoked war against Ukraine, including a joint decision by all G7 countries to remove Russian banks from the SWIFT system.” has also sought to provide help and advice to Ukrainian refugees and host families through the launch of its Ukrainians in the UK webpage.

Advice is available on housing, language, education and employment, as well as a host of other useful tips and tricks.

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