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Has a phytochemical that helps cleanse the kidneys. It’s a
refreshing fruits, which means they help eliminate heat in the body.
Plus, it contains nutrients that help boost sex. Taking watermelon for a long time is an aphrodisiac.
This fruit contains a lot of bromelain, a pain reliever. But that’s not all. Pineapple helps in digestion, especially protein in the body. It also contains plenty of fiber to cleanse the stomach. Pineapple stem and leaves have a high concentration of bromelain. If you have an ulcer, you should be careful with pineapple.
The dry season is not cucumber season so it is always expensive during this period. But if you are hot as usual, opt for cucumber as it helps to cool down the body.
Cucumber also helps the kidneys, but its power lies in its ability to soften the stool. Thus, it helps to eliminate constipation. This fruit is ideal for those who have problems with high blood sugar.
I love carrots. It is a versatile vegetable. The carrot is not a fruit, but many see it as a fruit. Carrots are good for people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and are packed with vitamin A. The carotene in carrots is great for eye problems. Carotene is also good for cleansing the skin. Many cosmetics now contain carotene. It cleans the skin and smoothes it. Beware, however, of its high sugar content, if you are diabetic.
Pear avocado:
The avocado pear season is almost closed, just before the heavy rains. This fruit is full of polysaturated but healthy fats. Its ideal for anyone looking to reduce fat. Many don’t know that to burn body fat, you have to use fat. It also contains vitamin A for the eyes and is good for the stomach, healing ulcers and constipation. It is a remover for skin blemishes. Some women use it with turmeric to remove black spots on face and neck.
This fruit is feared by people with ulcers. Orange has lots of flavonoids which boost immunity. I love eating oranges with their fiber. I peel it and eat the green blanket aside. And it helps me have a smooth bowel movement. It contains a lot of vitamin C and is good for the teeth, especially half-ripe oranges.
Last year, I told a friend with high blood pressure to eat bananas every day, and the response was lovely. Banana has a high potassium content. This phytochemical is good for calming the nerves. Besides, banana also contains high carbohydrate content for energy boost. The downside of banana is its high sugar content, not good for diabetics and sugar is not good for teeth. Nevertheless, the inner skin of the banana is good for healing wounds caused by insect bites.
This fruit has many species. Some are hard, green, red, yellow and soft.
Fortunately, guava has hard-to-digest seeds, which provide the stomach with cellulose to help eliminate stool. On the other hand, if you eat unripe guava, it hardens your stools.
Guava leaves are medicinal. It helps in curing diarrhea and when boiled and drunk as a tea, it helps flush cholesterol from the system. And that is why it is ideal for losing weight.
The grapes are at the back in this part, but there is one species which is common in Africa and Nigeria. This species is also good for weight control. The magnesium in grapes makes it effective against headaches, especially migraine.
Among citrus fruits, lemon is used more than others such as orange, lime and grape.
Lemon has a high content of vitamin C, which is effective in boosting immunity, curing fever and cleansing lymph cells.
It also has cosmetic use. For example, lemon liquid can be used to remove black spots and pimples when mixed with dried turmeric powder. Lemon also helps gums to cure scurvy or bleeding gums.
These little oranges are usually green. But the blackberries are also good and effective, even if they are less powerful.
The use of lime against intestinal worms has been practiced for ages. But lime is good for stomach ailments. It also helps to control internal bleeding.
However, prolonged use of lime can destroy the intestinal walls and make the ulcer worse. So, if you have an ulcer, go for lemon. Lime is antiseptic, use it to clean wounds. Squeeze the liquid into lukewarm water and wash the wounds.

11. Apples…
It is the most respected of all fruits. It contains a lot of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.
The apple is great for boosting immunity, lowering high blood pressure and the whole body system. Apple mucilage is good for the stomach. Remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

In the local language, some call it “ajireejaa”, “ipapa” among the Ibo and the ijaws. It has a high carotene content due to its yellow color with vitamin A. It is effective for the eyes. Mucilage is good for the stomach. Vitamin C strengthens your body.

13. Papaya… carica papaya »
This fruit pod with hot black seeds is an economical fruit – all its parts are medicinal. The seeds are good for eliminating intestinal worms. The whitish liquid from papaya heals wounds. The fruit which is red or yellow is rich in vitamins, but it is effective against constipation.

14. Tomatoes…
The tomato is a vegetable. But it looks more like fruit. It’s red and full of lycopene, a nutrient that fights ailments like cancer, helps boost immunity. Men with prostate cancer are advised to chew plenty of tomatoes. Tomato blanket is very good for removing hard stools from the stomach. The seeds are rich in fiber to facilitate bowel movement.
Tomatoes are also good for controlling high blood pressure. Phytonutrients help dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure

By: By Kevin Nengia

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