Vienna Police Caught Youths Damaging Waters Field, Throwing Tide Pods

Tidal pods on a store shelf (via Mike Mozart/Flickr)

With schools closed for the winter holidays, the Vienna Police Department has encountered rowdy behavior from young people in recent weeks.

According to the department’s Dec. 22-Jan. 6 crime report, two minors face felony charges of destruction of property and trespassing after allegedly driving and damaging Waters Field (130 Cherry Street SE) near the community center from Vienna.

The incident happened at 11:16 p.m. on December 19:

A resident reported a vehicle driving recklessly on Waters Field causing damage. An officer located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The vehicle was occupied by two minors who were both taken into custody and transported to the Vienna police station. One minor was returned to the custody of his stepfather, the other was given to his adult sister. Petitions are pending.

In an unrelated event at around 7.57pm the same evening, a woman reported to police that she had been harassed by youths who threw pods of Tide detergent at her vehicle as she waited at a red light from Maple Avenue and Beulah Road:

A woman reported noticing a vehicle manned by minors following her as she left the 7-11 parking lot. As she was on Maple Avenue at the Beulah Road traffic light, the youths threw Tide pods at her vehicle. Officers responded to the vehicle owner’s residence and discovered that it was the owner’s sons and one of their friends who were in the vehicle launching the pods. The woman declined to press charges.

Vienna police also recently responded to some incidents involving adult residents, including a report of an “unknown situation between four men” in the Vienna Park apartment district on Cedar Lane.

The report officers received at 6:35 p.m. on December 26 said three of the men appeared to be assaulting the fourth man, who was on the ground.

“All the men entered an apartment before the police arrived,” the VPD said in its weekly crime report. “The officers spoke to the residents. The man on the ground informed the officers that the other men were just helping him up and into the apartment and that no crime had been committed.

Photo via Mike Mozart/Flickr

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