Why do people joke about eating Tide pods on Twitter?

A child grabs a Tide Pod.
Photo: Tide

Tide Pods contain detergent. To wash your clothes and sheets. Not to eat. It doesn’t matter how much they look like a snack, candy or oversized Gushers. You shouldn’t eat them unless you want to, well, potentially die. A child might not know any better, so you should probably keep them out of reach of little hands – those things have already killed – for your safety. (Or just buy boring, cheaper, podless detergent. It works better anyway.) If after all that, you’re still looking at a Tide Pod and thinking, maybe just a little …you definitely shouldn’t be on Twitter today. Tide Pod-eating, a long-running internet joke, came to a head in December.

The earliest origins of the Tide Pods-as-food bit date back to an internet forum in 2013, according to Know Your Meme. The topic of this forum, however, was less about Tide Pods as a delicious snack and more about the elderly and children who accidentally ate them. In the years since, sites like CollegeHumor and The Onion have both created content around the idea of ​​edible laundry detergent pods. See here: “Don’t eat the laundry pods” from last March. Communities of people – on Twitter and Reddit – have since become very vocal about eating, or how much they want to eat, Tide Pods. (I guess very few or none at all succeed in these conversations, given the whole Tidal pods are poison thing.)

In December, there were a number of viral tweets about Tide Pod consumption that appear to have sparked the detergent revival this week. The biggest being a person who tweeted at Gushers on Boxing Day with something “very important” to tell them. They sent a DM asking if Gushers would consider making a Tide Pod shaped fruit snack – which is a great idea if you ask me – so all future Tide Pod snackers can satisfy their pod hunger. Geysers blocked the user after receiving the DM.

If anyone knows of a gummy company looking for a hot new product, I think we might be onto something here. And again…don’t eat the dang Tide Pods. But if you do, get someone to film you and send the video to us.

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